With 2013 fast approaching, it is a common phenomenon for people to reflect on another year gone by and to plan for the future year ahead. 2012 was a particularly colourful year for many of us, and I thought this would be a perfect time to comment on Fine Born China’s journey so far. Within a few months of our first issue, Fine Born China has taken us to Britain, Spain, Hungary and even the United Arab Emirates to name a few. But our plan is to extend our scope much further. We want the best for you. And to do that, we want to go global. Our aim has always been to discover the finest that countries have to offer and share them with our readers: the finest wines, resorts, automobiles and much more. Of course, it is impossible to cover every single nook and cranny, but we intend to seek out as many hidden treasures as we can. With that, I would like to invite all our readers to continue with us on our global journey. Our purpose remains the same: to discover finesse in every form, and to share it with you. But the journey is far from over. There is much that still awaits us in 2013.

Leslie Mok

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