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Lebron 11 T-Rex 儿童专属球鞋系列

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众所周知,LeBron Raymone James(勒布朗·瑞蒙·詹姆斯)是 NBA 历史上最令人难以置信的球员之一。LeBron Raymone James 不仅在篮球职业生涯满载而归,在时尚界也获得成功。LeBron Raymone James 与Nike 的合作,也必将成为体育商业史上的一段佳话。知名Nike 曾为他打造了个人的第 11 款签名战靴 LeBron 11。近日,Nike 又推出独家 T-Rex配色的童鞋系列,该系列可分为婴儿版,学步版和学前版。为各个年齡段的儿童带来专属球鞋。

婴儿版 Lebron 11 T-Rex

婴儿版 Lebron 11 T-Rex 设有 Velcro® 魔术贴,和柔软的鞋底,既方便穿脱也十分舒适

学步版 LeBron 11 T-Rex
如果孩童已经可以学习走路,可选择学步版。学步版 LeBron 11 T-Rex 搭载柔性缓震外底

学前版 LeBron T-Rex
学前版 LeBron T-Rex 配备持久灵活的橡胶外底和中底,带来额外的运动支持力,以应付

据悉,LeBron 11 T-Rex 童鞋系列已正式发售。感兴趣的朋友不妨也为自己的孩子购买一双。

Despite being built for one of the sport’s most incredibly gifted athletes,
LeBron James’ LeBron 11 turns the tables with this kid-exclusive T-Rex colorway. Designed for kids all the way from the crib to the terrible twos and up to pre-school, the shoe includes some features designed to support early childhood movement.

For example, the LeBron 11 T-Rex Crib Booty features a Velcro® collar strap and soft synthetic bottom designed to mimic the sole of the full-size version, making it light and snug-fitting, but easy to take off and put on. Once the baby grows out of those, they can move up to the Toddler Size, which includes a flex groove outsole for lightweight cushioning as well as a welded collar and breathable mesh upper. Lastly, the Pre-School edition is made with a welded upper, a durable yet flexible outsole with flex grooves, and a rubber midfoot shank for extra support to handle the increased level of activity. The LeBron 11 T-Rex colorway will drop at select global retail outlets and starting on November 29.


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