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adidas 携手 NBA 球星 Derrick Rose 共推出球鞋 D Rose

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知名品牌adidas总会不断添加创意推出许多时尚新颖的鞋履。近日,adidas 携手 NBA 球星 Derrick Rose 共推出全新签名式篮球鞋 D Rose 4。D Rose 4 的设计相当特别,鞋履整体看似分为二大部分,即后跟与前掌,犹如将两双球鞋二合为一。外观材料合成材料与皮革相结合,构成独特的纹理设计。特别值得一提的是,D Rose 4 鞋踝位置印有D Rose 的招牌玫瑰花LOGO。D Rose 4 搭载全新 Crazyquick 外底,以及 SprintWeb 及 SprintFrame 配置,还备有 GEOFIT 技术,透过根据脚部结构特点而在相应位置放置衬垫,从而增强球鞋的合脚性和舒适度。

目前,D Rose 4 只有两款黑色及灰色设计,但其它配色将于鞋款正式公开发售之后紧随其后,相继登场。据悉, D Rose 4 预计于 10 月 10 日推出,零售价为$140 美元。有兴趣的朋友可别错过。

adidas and Derrick Rose have officially unveiled the D Rose 4, the latest entry in the superstar guard’s signature range. Aesthetically, the new shoe sports a design
that at first glance appears to be two shoes spliced together; this unique design reflects two very different facets of his personality: his fierce on-court demeanor and his laid back off-court persona. Complementing the new looks are several performance upgrades such as adidas’s new Crazyquick outsole, improved SprintWeb and SprintFrame chassis and GEOFIT ankle support. The D Rose 4′s upper features a gloss pattern, a holographic material with perforated synthetic leather overlays, and a reflective D Rose logo on the ankle. In addition to the two colorways, several other colorways will be available when the shoe launches on October 10. The shoe ispriced at $140 USD and will be available from adidas, Foot Locker and Eastbay. Stay tuned for additional colorways coming later in the year.






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